Make your Wedding Special with Sydney Wedding Limos

Wedding is considered life’s best occasion and people love to have a glamorous ceremony that can be relished and remembered for a lifetime. Whether it is the decoration or the cuisine having something interesting and unique has become a necessity. Now most wedding parties have a luxurious car to add a special touch to the whole event. Usually a limousine is hired to give an opulent feel to the event.

End-to-end Services

There are some wedding car hire companies that provide a suite of services including wedding photography, transport, driving and bar services. Wedding Limo services are customized and offered in different packages to suit different needs and budget. Look for Sydney Wedding Limos who also offer other ancillary services so that you can get things organized through them and save a lot of time.

Why De Blanco Limousines?

De Blanco is the best choice for Sydney Wedding Limos and vehicles for any special occasion. One can choose from a wide range of choices that includes Sedan Chryslers, traditional black or white limos and Mercedes Benz. There are different options to suit your style and budget. Our service is run by a strong team of professional consultants who maintain world-class quality and are quite friendly too. Given our reputation this limo service is the most preferred in Sydney given its large number of satisfied customers.

Customized Offerings

Apart from Sydney Wedding Limos, we at DB Limos also provide specialized services for other occasions such as business meetings, school events, night out, birthdays, etc. In some cases you get to choose the costume of your chauffeur and various other details to make your event perfect and memorable. You can choose from a convertible Mercedes or traditional limo.

Harley Davidson Escort

One of our most popular services is the use of Harley Davidson escort along with a limousine. You have an option to drive the Harley Davidson if you like or you could have a professional rider drive along with your limousine. Choosing the best Sydney Wedding Limos and a Harley Davidson escort can add grandeur and give a feeling of celebrity status to the couple. All vehicles are maintained well and presented in excellent condition to grab eyeballs on your wedding day.

If you are keen on creating a memorable and unique wedding event you can call our DB Limos office and discuss your needs in detail. For more details you can dial 0416 160 166 or email at

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