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Harley Wedding Bikes Sydney

Harley Davidson Wedding Escorts

Fast growing in popularity amongst our clients is the unforgettable Harley escorts. Did you know that Harley Davidson brand is so unique that the company patented the ‘sweet sound of the Harley engine’ in 1998? Long before that, the Harley brand has symbolised a new level of prestige riding. Imagine having that same sweet sound on a pair of Harley Davidson Wedding bikes around your limo – it’ll give your family and friends something to talk about for decades!

When planning your special day, DB Limos knows that every design choice represents the unique style of the bride and groom. From reception to send-off, you’ll want to make sure nothing goes wrong, and everything is unforgettable.

Occasionally, we get a special type of client who can handle the next level in impressive transportation. You can take your new wedding to an entirely new level with Harley Davidson bikes– and we guarantee you’ll not be disappointed. Why not give your limousine the decorum it deserves with a one of kind Harley Davidson bikes– experience? Our professional riders will weave in and around you as you take your joyous trip of a lifetime.

Our company are industry leaders in the business of formal care hire in Sydney. Our friendly team of consultants look to tailor every requirement around your special day – whether it’s a wedding, formal occasion, business meeting or school formal! We insure everything financially, and take all the hassle of arranging driving to and from the venue, photography and on-board bar service on our limousines.

We are positive you won’t be disappointed if you take up our services, either with a Harley or with a selection from our award-winning fleet of Mercedes, Limos and Sedans. We absolutely look forward to helping you out, because at the end of the day we care about all our clients.

Harley Davidson Wedding Bikes

How do you envision your wedding?

Are you the traditional, contemporary type of couple that’s content to share vows at the Church with your friends and family? Of course, that’s no problem. But consider this. In 1998 Harley Davidson bikes in Sydney patented the sweet sound of a Harley engine – their brand symbolises the epitome of prestige biking. Imagine riding in a decked out limo, complete with your favourite bar service, and around you that same sweet sound purrs alongside your tinted-window vehicle.

That’s what more and more clients are choosing at DB Limos.

With a brand new fleet of Harleys straight from the factory, we offer an unforgettable experience to compliment your limo, Mercedes or Sedan hire at the wedding. And we don’t just do weddings! We organise school formals, business meetings and more. What better way to impress your friends and clients with a grandiose fleet of Harleys and limousines?

At DB Limos, we pride ourselves in offering the best transportation service for weddings in the Sydney metropolitan area. We’re locally based, and we’re good at what we do. We don’t compromise on quality and style, and every vehicle is newly fitted, waxed, spotlessly clean and breathlessly impressive. Are you looking to spruce up your grand entrance and exit with a show of opulence not soon forgotten? You’ve come to the right place.

With a range of services to compliment any budget – we take care of the hassle of wedding photography, transportation, chauffeuring, and on board bar service. That’s right – you get to choose the drinks you want to sip as you make your getaway on a brand new adventure. You won’t be starved for choice – you can decide everything from the ribbons flying from your limo and Harley Davidson Wedding Bikes escorts in Sydney. We just take care of the operations side so that you don’t have to.

What are you waiting for? Book a limo and Harley Davidson Wedding Bikes escort today on 0416 160 166 or email info@dblimossydney.com.au
Harley Davidson Wedding Bikes Sydney

Harley Wedding Bikes Harley Wedding Bikesin Sydney Harley Wedding Bikes Sydney


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