Mercedes Wedding Car Hire Sydney

There is never a more landmark time in your life than the day you get married. We at DB Limos have perfected the art of wedding car hire in Sydney – offering a full and satisfying service that covers everything from photography to Harley Davidson escorts.

And why shouldn’t you splurge on a luxury vehicle to complement your special day? Weddings and school formals are once in a lifetime events. What better way to cherish your memories than with a vehicle hand picked from our luxury fleet of limos, Mercedes Wedding Car Hire and Sedans? We know just how to make your experience unforgettable with stylised ribbons, professional chauffers, and an on board bar service which lets you choose the beverages you drink on the way in and out of your reception. If you’re interested – we also cater for bucks nights, parties and business meetings. Impress your clients and mates with a luxury vehicle straight from the designer warehouse.

You want to make sure your special day is well attended, and often the best days are those which run seamlessly, professionally and without hassles. That’s why we entered the business. We consider ourselves leading experts in transport management, and we strive to make all our clients feel special on their most important occasions in their life. We’re profoundly aware that we are in the business of hospitality, and we delight in helping you realise your dream wedding.

Our fleet is not the stock standard stretch limo arrangement. We offer the best Mercedes wedding car hire in Sydney too, and Chrysler Sedan 300Cs. Not everyone likes to spend big on a traditional limo – and at DB Limos we understand that tastes, styles and tendencies vary. Either way, we know you’ll be happy with any of our vehicles from our deluxe fleet.

Our team of friendly consultants look forward to realising your dream, and they delight in catering for your budget. Are you the more traditional type, looking for the AAA grade tinted windows as your vehicle glides down the street? Or are you looking to feel the wind in your hair as your Mercedes Wedding Car convertible turns onto the freeway and into the future forever? We even have a vastly growing market for Harley Davidson escorts which we know would delight and impress your friends and family.

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Mercedes Wedding Car Hire Sydney

Want to know what one of the best things about our Mercedes wedding car hire in Sydney? We’re locally based, and we take care of everything, from booking, drinks, photography and driving. You don’t have to worry about chasing us up for deadlines and results – our customers know we’re the most reliable in the business, and we love what we do.

At DB Limos, we know you want your special occasion to be an unforgettable pillar in the history of your life. To us, that means running flawlessly and offering the best choice of wedding car hire in Sydney. Would you like to putter in style in a stretch limo from your grand reception? Or are you looking for another, less traditional experience? Would you like to brush the wind in your hair as you cruise down the freeway, driven by a professional chauffer in a Mercedes convertible? We’ve got Sedans, Mercedes and limos in our wonderful fleet, and all of them are sure to impress your sense of style, taste and attitude.

We have no shortage of experience, being in the business for many years we have listened to the problems clients have faced with other businesses – missed deadlines, no choice, poor results. We endeavour to be the best car hire service in Sydney, and take care of everything for you. You’ll never have to chase us up to provide for your transportation needs on the best day of your life.

We cater for weddings, school formals, business meetings and more. Simply ask us and one of our team will be more than happy to assist you in choosing your transportation requirements.

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