Sydney Limo Hire

Ever dreamed of polishing your special occasion with a world class limousine?

Sydney Limo Hire

At DB Limos we delight in making these dreams a reality for our clients. We offer the best Sydney limo hire service end to end delivery. We have a well-maintained fleet of stretch limos, Mercedes and Sudan, and offer a service which is hospitable and unforgettable.

We want to see our customers smiling. That’s why we entered the transport hospitality business – so that on your special occasion, DB Limos can be there to make it transcend expectations and remain in your memory forever. It’s what we love!

We take care of everything, from booking, drinks, photography and driving. You don’t have to worry about chasing us up for deadlines and results – our customers know we’re the most reliable in the business, and we love what we do.

Since 1999, we have listened to and serviced clients with their unique requirements. We have become great at bequeathing you the right limo hire services for an amicable price. You get the choice of fleet, of a Harley Davidson escort, tinted windows, colours, chauffeurs, and even the ribbons that fly from your car as you glide from reception.

On board, you’ll find a bar service which is handpicked by our loyal consultants, or if you like, you can choose your drinks yourself! Whatever you decide, we make it happen – and we love helping our clients.

We know how many thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours have been poured into your special day. That’s why we want to make sure it’s as hassle-free as possible. Our team takes care of everything, and you’ll never leave your wedding disappointed with our service! We’re the preferred provider of Sydney limo hire and we know you’ll walk away satisfied.

Call us for limo hire today on 0416 160 166 or by email



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